Dr. Ava Agar

Psychologist and Neuropsychologist (Supervised Practice)
Populations seen: Adults and Adolescents

Dr. Agar practices in the areas of clinical psychology and neuropsychology. She is completing her supervised practice year with the College of Psychologists of Ontario under the supervision of Dr. Brian Mainland and Dr. Valerie Vorstenbosch.

Dr. Agar’s primary focus is on providing assessments in order to help individuals better understand their difficulties and access appropriate treatment and related services. Dr. Agar provides assessments for a broad range of concerns (e.g., mood, anxiety, trauma, personality, learning, and attention-related disorders, gender dysphoria, etc.) with adolescents and adults. She also provides neuropsychological assessments for adults with possible acquired brain injuries (e.g., stroke, brain tumours, traumatic brain injury, etc.). 

Dr. Agar also provides evidence-based therapy (e.g., Cognitive Behaviour and Mindfulness Based Therapy) to support adolescents and adults with various challenges impacting their wellbeing, including:

  • Anxiety (e.g., phobias, social, generalized)

  • Depression

  • OCD and related disorders

  • Posttraumatic Stress

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Learning difficulties (e.g., ADHD)

Dr. Agar starts the therapy process with a thorough first session focused on understanding her client’s concerns and experiences in order to tailor therapy to each client’s needs. Her approach is collaborative and adaptive, focusing on building a solid therapeutic relationship to help empower and motivate clients and on building skills that will help her clients reach their individual goals. 

Dr. Agar received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her pre-doctoral residency at the CPA-accredited Waterloo Region Psychology Residency Consortium. Following her residency, Dr. Agar worked in private practice and at Counselling Services at the University of Waterloo, coordinating assessment services, providing assessments, individual therapy, and group therapy. She has previously held positions at Parkridge Centre and Quality of Life Program (long-term care), Royal University Hospital’s Clinical Health Psychology Unit, Saskatoon City Hospital’s Rehabilitation and Geriatric Services Unit, Seniors’ Health in Long-term and Continuing Care, Rural and Remote Memory Clinic for Rural Dementia Care, and Mental Health and Addiction’s Children’s Services. 

Professional memberships:

  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)