Kaitlyn Butterfield

Graduate Student Volunteer

Kaitlyn is a Masters Candidate in the Development Psychology Program at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has a passion for child psychology, notably those with neurodevelopmental disorders. In 2018, Kaitlyn graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Psychology and Minor in Communication. Currently, her thesis research focuses on the inclusive nature of mindfulness in the classroom, specifically comparing beneficial outcomes in children with and without pathology. She hopes to establish a tailored mindfulness curriculum, complementing the one-size-does-not-fit-all nature of mindfulness. In addition to her thesis work, Kaitlyn spends her time teaching undergraduate statistics, collaborating with interdepartmental research labs, and presenting self-initiated research projects at multiple conferences across Canada. She aspires to build from her current and future education, training, and research as she moves toward completing her Masters degree, entering an accredited Clinical Psychology doctoral program, and becoming a clinical child psychologist.