Jessica Wiebe


Jessica is a valuable member of the Waterloo Psychology Group team in her role as psychometrist. A psychometrist’s role involves administering scientifically validated measures of cognitive functioning (e.g., intelligence, memory, attention), as well as personality and emotional traits. Jessica’s role involves close work with a number of our clinical staff members.

Jessica began her educational training by completing the Biotechnology Technician Diploma program at Conestoga College. She then completed the Bachelor of Science program at Trent University, majoring in Psychology and Forensics. Finally, she completed the Social Service Worker program at Sanford Fleming College.

Jessica has gained a wealth of experience working in the mental health field through her previous roles as a Peer Support Worker for the Canadian Mental Health Association, a Support Worker for KW Habilitation, as well as extensive work as a psychometrist in a number of clinical settings, including testing for neuropsychological assessments at Hamilton Health Sciences.